How To Consign

We try to make consigning an easy and seamless experience at Kensington Konsignment!


When can I bring by items to consign?

- You can drop off consignments at any time without an appointment.

- With an appointment we would normally go through your items on the spot while you wait.

What items will you accept?

- Please bring us your CLEAN, new, or next-to-new, contemporary clothing and accessories. We prefer items folded neatly in bags.

- We accept all brands, but they must be in EXCELLENT condition; in other words, if an item has even the tiniest snag, pill or stain, we will NOT be able to accept it. 

- Clothes must be IN STYLE. Outdated clothing that we don’t think will sell to our customer base will NOT be accepted.

- Besides clothes, we accept shoes, handbags and jewellery.

Is there anything you don’t accept, besides items that don’t meet the above criteria?

- We won’t accept sleepwear, lingerie, used bathing suits and low-cut and / or bootcut denim.

What happens when I bring in my items to consign?

- If you’d like, we will sort through your items while you wait. Anything we don’t accept, you can take back with you, or we can donate it to WINS on your behalf.

- If you don’t want to wait, you can always drop off your items with us, and we can call you to arrange pickup of anything unaccepted, if you so choose.

- Please keep in mind that, when we steam and tag clothing, we may find flaws we didn’t notice on initial inspection, and the items may not make it to the sales floor.

- You’ll also have to fill out a brief form with your contact information so we know to whom items belong.

For how long do you leave items on the sales floor?

- We leave everything out for a minimum of 45 days. Depending upon the item in question, some things are left on the floor for at least 60 days. We also reserve the right to put items on sale - and hold storewide sales - to move inventory.

How much does the consignor receive?

- Consignors receive 40% of the selling price of items that are Banana Republic and “up.” Inexpensive, “fast-fashion” items like those from H&M and Forever 21 garner the consignor a 30% cut, because of the effort involved in preparing them for sale when they can only command a low price. If consignors chooses to use monies earned as store credit, they’ll receive a 50% percentage of the selling use in store only.

- We do not buy items up front. Consignors only receive payment when items sell.

What happens if something doesn’t sell?

- If items don’t sell, we donate them to WINS. If you have something special that you don’t want donated if unsold, we can facilitate that item being returned to you.